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Indian CI Castings Foundry Tells How To Care CI Cast Cookware

You may have heard about cast iron cookware versatility and how it makes possible to prepare relishing culinary dishes with best taste. Expert CI casting foundries in India provides guidelines to use these cookware products for best results; however, only few are offering handle with care tips for the users. In this post, leading cast iron casting manufacturing foundry is sharing major points to help cast iron cookware users to maintain and sustain credibility of the product for years.
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One should know the fact that cast iron cookware are different from usual S.S. utensils and need proper care for good results. The pots and pans manufactured from CI material require special treatment before placing the meal in them. This special treatment is known as seasoning, which can be handled in two ways- 1. Straight Oiling Under straight oiling process- oil, fat, and sometimes even lard is used for rubbing the pans and pots from inside and then wiped off from the surface at slight extent. After greasing or oiling of the cookware, user can used it for cooking food like bacon, meat, fatty sausage, etc. CI casting foundry in India recommends repetition of this step for at least 5-7 times before cooking something else in the cookware. 2. Oiling and Baking In This is widely used by users for seasoning purposes. Under this process, CI cast pan is oiled or greased and then baked in an oven for about 30 minutes at 225° temperature. The user later remove the pan and wiped off the greasing slightly and put back into the oven for next 30 minutes. Once you have used any of these methods to season your CI casting cookware, you can use it for cooking purposes. Many chefs and cooks use their cast iron cookware for preparing everything else including fried chicken, baked bread, cookies, etc. Unlike stainless steel cookware, cast iron utensils need more care and protection. You cant scrub them hard while cleaning as it may destroy the seasoning. You can clean up the cast iron pan surface by boiling water in it. Once the water is boiled and drained out, you can easily wipe off the pan surface with clean, soft cotton cloth. All these tips are shared to ensure protection for seasoning of CI casting cookware. You should always keep them in your mind and use cast iron utensils accordingly.
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